Fynisa Engler, Children’s Book Author

Bringing sensitive subjects to life through picture books.

Completed Manuscripts:

You’re Not My Mom: “You’re not my mom!” is Mouse’s reaction to everything at Ms. Bunny’s house, where he has to live now that his mother can no longer care for him. Everything is strange and new. Mouse misses his mom and wants to go home.

Goodbye Scrappy: The child’s loyal dog and best friend, Scrappy, has been with her since birth. How can she live without her best friend now that the time has come to say goodbye?

We Are Twins: David and Ethan might be of different races, but these best friends only see their similarities, believing they are twins no matter what others say.

Angels Are Watching: Ella’s new cancer medicine makes her weak, and she’s losing her hair, but she finds new hope when she meets her guardian angel.

Harry Can Hear: Everyone who knows Harry says, “he never listens.” It isn’t until a school hearing test reveals that Harry needs hearing aids. Once fit with hearing aids Harry can hear everything he was once missing out on.

Coming Soon:


~First Day of First Grade

~We Can Still Be Friends