Children’s Book Author

Fynisa Engler

Together we can help kids blossom in a world of understanding, empathy, and acceptance.


New House For Mouse: 11.08.22, in Spanish: 06.08.23 https://lawleypublishing.com/

Harry Can Hear: 01.17.23, in Spanish: 07.13.23 https://lawleypublishing.com/

Picture Books Coming Soon :

New House For Mouse: Mouse is placed at Mama Bunny’s foster home where everything is different from what he’s used to. Who eats vegetables for breakfast or forgets to put chocolate chips in the pancakes? Mouse misses his mom and wants to go home. Just when Mouse feels he’s all alone someone comes along and brightens his world. Release Date: November 8th, 2022 Illustrated by Ryan Law and published by Lawley Publishing

Harry Can Hear: Everyone who knows Harry says, “he never listens.” It isn’t until a school hearing test reveals that Harry needs hearing aids. Once fit with hearing aids Harry can hear everything he was once missing out on. Release Date: January 17th, 2023 Illustrated by Milanka Reardon and published by Lawley Publishing

New School For Mouse: NEW SCHOOL FOR MOUSE is the sequel to New House For Mouse. Now that Mouse is settled at Mama Bunny’s foster home, it’s time for him to start school. Mouse wishes he could go to his old school with his old friends, but it’s too far away. Who will he sit with at lunch? Follow Mouse on this emotional ride of making a new friend and showing empathy towards others. Release Date: TBD Published by Lawley Publishing

Completed Manuscripts:

Tango: Homeless dog Tango doesn’t trust people because they’ve always been mean to him until a boy gives him food when he’s hungry and a blanket when he’s cold. It turns out that Tango and the boy have something in common. Will Tango be able to trust the boy so he can be full and warm forever?

Living Somewhere New: Moving to a new home can be both exciting and scary. In LIVING SOMEWHERE NEW, the child describes the sights, smells, and noises someone new might experience in his town. Can you smell the sweet aroma from the bakery around the corner or hear the strange noises in the new house? Throughout the story, it seems that the child is speaking to another child until it is revealed at the end who he is actually talking to. 

The Day Q Quit: When the Vowels continue to think they are the best letters in the alphabet, Q finally has enough and quits. “Who needs him anyway,” the Vowels say, but they quickly find out just how important Q is. Ducks that can’t quack, oh no! Will they convince Q to come back in time, before all the Q words disappear? 

Party At Arnie’s: Left home alone, it’s party time for Arnie and his canine friends. With music pumping and dog dancing, Stanley the Squirrel wants in. A party looks fun! But Stanely worries as things start to get out of hand. Surely everyone knows not to pee indoors. And why would anyone drink from a toilet? And most importantly, who is going to take the blame for this huge mess?

Queen Bee (Informative fiction): QUEEN BEE is narrated by none other than Her Majesty, Queen Bee, but please don’t bow. Take a tour as this witty Queen Bee invites you into her hive. Meet some of her almost 30,000 daughters as you learn all the different jobs they perform to help their hive thrive. Queen Bee explains how bees impact the environment and how the environment impacts them. She also shares some detrimental news of what’s happening in the world of bees, and how everyone can help. 

Superpower Brain (Narrative Nonfiction): When Kai is the only kid in class who scrambles the letters of the spelling words, he thinks he’s not as smart as the other kids. Luckily, his teacher recognizes the problem behind Kai’s struggles – dyslexia. Dyslexia is just another big word Kai can’t spell until Mrs. Hill lets him in on a secret: dyslexia is actually a superpower. And that isn’t the only secret Mrs. Hill has been keeping. 

Who’s In Your Heart: Zoe thinks her homework assignment to draw what a family looks like is easy until her family BBQ when she quickly realizes just how different families can look. The assignment now seems impossible until she learns what it means to be a family. 

Finding First Grade: Clara is thrilled to be in first grade, finally a big kid, but her excitement quickly disappears as the first day of school worries kick in. Clara’s worry grows when she can’t find her classroom, can’t call home, and is now late for class. She thinks this year is off to a terrible start until she receives a delightful surprise. 

Angels Are Watching: Ella’s new cancer medicine makes her weak, and she’s losing her hair, but she finds new hope when she meets her guardian angel.

We Are Twins: David and Ethan might be of different races, but these best friends only see their similarities, believing they are twins no matter what others say.

Goodbye Scrappy: The child’s loyal dog and best friend, Scrappy, has been with her since birth. How can she live without her best friend now that the time has come to say goodbye?