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New School For Mouse is the sequel to New House For Mouse. Now that Mouse is settled at Mama Bunny’s foster home, it’s time for him to start school. Mouse wishes he could go to his old school with his old friends, but it’s too far away. Who will he sit with at lunch? Follow Mouse on this emotional ride of making a new friend and showing empathy towards others.

Release Date: 07/04/23 Illustrated by Ryan Law and published by Lawley Publishing

New Friend For Mouse: NEW FRIEND FOR MOUSE is the third story of the Mouse series (New House For Mouse and New School For Mouse). In NEW FRIEND FOR MOUSE, Mouse experiences what many foster children experience, having a foster sibling move away. Mouse and Hedgehog have become best friends, but when Hedgehog breaks the news to Mouse that she’s moving, Mouse is devastated. Just when Mouse seems to be at his lowest, he receives some good news and opens his heart once again. Release Date: 11/07/23 Illustrated by Ryan Law and published by Lawley Publishing 

Party At Arnie’s: Left home alone, it’s party time for Arnie and his canine friends. With music pumping and dog dancing, Stanley the Squirrel wants in. A party looks fun! But Stanely worries as things start to get out of hand. Surely everyone knows not to pee indoors. And why would anyone drink from a toilet? And most importantly, who is going to take the blame for this huge mess? Release Date: 1/16/24 Illustrated by Milanka Reardon and published by Lawley Publishing

New Question For Mouse: Release Date: 7/9/24 Illustrated by Ryan Law and published by Lawley

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