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New House For Mouse Reviews

This book is a must read for anyone who’s either fostering children, who’s been placed in out of home care or who just wants to understand what children like Mouse are going through. – Michelle L. Romero, Department of Child Safety Program Manager

Diversity, inclusion, emotions, teamwork and of course…new friendships all in one sweet story! Above all, it’s the normalcy of it all. – Magdalena Benavidez, M.Ed. Counseling

Harry Can Hear Reviews

PreS-Gr 1–Harry seems to never listen when his mom calls him home to dinner or when the teachers ask him to answer a question. He turns the television up too loud, much to his sister’s dismay. He misses out on having sprinkles on his ice cream because he doesn’t hear the waiter ask. One day, his class goes to the nurse to get their hearing checked. Harry needs hearing aids to help him hear better! He can hear when people talk to him. He can hear everything. What a service this picture book does in bringing attention to hearing loss in children and how hearing aids can help. It’s an excellent example of representation for the hard of hearing, whether mild or profound. Harry doesn’t feel weird or self-conscious about his hearing aids; they’re seen as something cool and necessary. Harry’s a charmer; the colorful and detailed illustrations add to the positive, lighthearted tone. VERDICT A book for every collection, offering an upbeat story to educate and inform of differences in hearing ability, a much-needed representation, and how “misbehavior” can be simply another kind of challenge that needs to be addressed. A wonderful little book.

Hearing loss is often referred to as an invisible disability since it is not commonly spoken about and difficult to see. Harry Can Hear helps raise awareness about hearing loss and normalize the use of hearing aids in children. As a hearing healthcare professional, it is great to see literature that informs children about those issues from a young age. – Karla Navarro, Au.D.

Hurray for Fynisa Engler’s storytelling abilities. How wonderful to see hearing screenings and hearing device use scripted in a way that makes it matter of fact and, as Harry’s sister said, “cool!” His story will appeal to all children who have differences, all children who have peers with differences, and all adults who sometimes need reminders that “behavior” is communicating something. – Patti Sorrow, MA, CCC-SLP Speech Language Pathologist

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