Hi, I’m Fynisa Engler and welcome to my page.

I live in sunny Arizona with my husband, daughter, and our 3 dogs. I have always loved to write. As a kid, I carried around little notebooks where I would jot down my short stories. In college, I discovered a passion for social work. I feel blessed to have worked with numerous children and families over the years. I have been able to bring my love of writing and my experiences in social work together to develop stories that focus on sensitive topics, such as foster care and adoption, death of a pet, racial and family diversity, cancer and guardian angels, and the needs of children that make them special.

My hope is that kids will feel they can relate to my books and know they are not alone. If the focus is something the child isn’t experiencing first hand then hopefully it will teach them empathy for a friend or someone they know.

Together we can help kids blossom in a world of understanding, empathy and acceptance.

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